Comba is a production company specialized in music production and sound design. We have an extensive portfolio from clients all over the world. We are working with some of the best sound engineers, producers, composers and musicians to enable state of the art production quality. Please take a look at our recent projects and videos in the sound design section, to get an overview of our services. We are looking forward to work on your project.

Music Production


We provide top notch service for a broad range of music styles. Recording Mixing and Mastering is what we do. Please go ahead and look through the listed productions for reference. Also we work closely with many talented songwriters and composers and offer original compositions for pop music, movie score, hiphop, pop, rnb,…


Sound Design

Many years of experience in sound design for advertisement and industrial marketing material, have left us with an impressive portfolio.  Please choose from the list. We are able to handle multiple projects at the same time and have a very fast turnaround time.


We offer high-Eng Mastering for all musical genres. Our Mastering Engineer has extensive experience and the best monitoring situation imaginable!

If you want to get your mix more punchy, loud, exciting and have a perfect frequency response in all ranges. With us you will have the unique chance to get Major label treatment. We will use analog and digital gear to sweeten up your audio material