MOJO Bar/Lounge/Restaurant Beijing DJ Playlist

The “it” restaurant making a name for itself recently is the newly opened MOJO. Located smack-bang in the middle of Gongti, this golden monstrosity is the epitome of wealth. The first thing you’ll think will be “holy crap that’s a butt-load of gold.” The owner and designer of MOJO spared no expense when it came to decorating his gastropub with the best and most expensive materials, like the hand-crafted gold leaf covered table tops.

MOJO is an exclusive Restaurant/Bar/Lounge in the heart of Beijing. Opened early 2017 it quick became an important spot for the Beijingers.

We produced more than 9 hours of continuous playlists. In order to stand out and not have a playlist like every other place, we created transitions song by song just like a DJ would do it.

MOJO Beijing Music